Saturday, November 6, 2010

Infant training class

Today we had our first class. I was under the impression that this was going to be a parent training class... Not the case at all! Most of the morning consisted of going over the home study process... AGAIN... I don't want any of you to think this is not important information but my goodness. We have been over it so many times I could probably quote it word for word. Thankfully after the morning break we moved on to a video that was really interesting. It is called "A struggle for Identity". It was all about trans-cultural adoption. The video consisted of a group of adoptive adults that had been adopted by white parents. It really caused some good conversation about our adoption, what we want, the motivation behind adoption of a child of a different race, and how important it is to be educated about our future child's heritage. 
After we got back from the lunch break we talked about openness in adoption. I think when Brent and I first started this process we had the idea that once we had been matched and our baby was born that we would run out of the hospital and never look back. However, after listening to what was talked about today I feel very differently. As apart of the openness training they had a panel of  individuals that have been touched by adoption in someway. It was fascinating to listen to all the different perspectives. It also caused me to feel better and not so scared of open adoption. I want my child to be loved by all of our families and friends. Also by their birth family. This class caused me to have a greater respect for birth parents! My child's birth parents will have a special role in our child's life. Not sure what that will be at this point but I am looking forward to exploring this. Over all it was a great learning experience. Now to get the letter to the birth parents finished and the profile!