Monday, June 24, 2013


Today we received the information we have been waiting for!!! Our home study is finally done!!! We also received a major blessing in the form of funding today. We have been scrimping and saving since January. We have also been attempting to fundraising through a website and a garage sale. We have appreciated all the donations! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE DONATED!
Today I called CASI and inquired on the status of our home study. I was informed that it was finished (praise the Lord) and that it had been sent to Texas last week... This was news to us as we had told our social worker we wanted to stay in Idaho until we had saved enough to afford the placement fee for Texas ( this is about $7000.00 more then Idaho). So... this was exciting news and nerve wrecking all at the same time. We have had faith that God was going to provide what was necessary for us to adopt again. He came through in a big way today. We have met our goal for the placement fee for Texas today!!!! Thanks to the generosity of a family member. Thank you Lord for always providing.

   I spoke with our social worker in Texas and she let me know that all she will need is our profile. We are almost done with this and will have it sent there tomorrow :) This means that Baby Hart #2 could happen any day! We are hopeful the wait will not be too long but we understand that all things happen in the time they are meant to.

   We still need to raise money for travel expenses and post placement things such as the visits, lawyers fees, and so on. If this happens anything like it did last time... We will have a very short amount of time to set up our travel. This can get expensive quick and as we will be traveling to Texas and staying there for up to two weeks it will end up being very expensive. I know that God is going to provide this as well as he has never fallen short. If you can help we would so appreciate it! Please click on the link below and check out our fundraising website.

Please remember our family in your prayers over the next couple of weeks as we wait. This can be the hardest part and we really are praying for the right situation. Thank you for your support and prayers in advance!