Saturday, November 29, 2008


I wanted to give an update on Jackson. Most of you know that when we first adopted him he was very sick. I am happy to report that Jackson is very healthy and happy! He is now seven months and weighs over 80 lbs. When we first went to see him he it took him an hour to be comfortable with me and it took him even longer to be comfortable with Brent. He has really made progress. He is learning to be friendly with everyone, not just me. We have made it a point to socialize him as much as possible and I am happy to report that he loves just about everyone. He can be challenging at times but his good traits out weigh his frustrating ones. He loves to play with other dogs and exercise. Unfortunately he is on kennel rest for the next three or so days because he has hurt his shoulder. We are hoping that if we do this he will stop limping. Big dogs have a lot of joint issues especially if they grow too fast. We have really tried to keep that from happening. But alas he is having issues. I will give an update after he rests for a couple of days and let you know how he is doing.


Travis and Margo said...

Jackson is so cute! I'm so happy to hear that his health is coming around. Travis and I still talk about how scary it was for you to hear about his health while in Reno this summer. It's good to see him healthy and happy!

ninabakke said...

cute :)