Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There is a first time for everything

So as promised here is an update. We met with our adoption coordinator for the first time today. Her name is Christy and she seems very nice. She was very understanding as we asked her a million questions. She was patient with us and was able to give us much needed insight. She told us in detail about both the international program as well as domestic infant adoption. Both are wonderful programs but we still have lots of praying and thinking to do about which one is best for our family. She let us know that we are the next couple to get put on the "wait list". This means that we will be waiting for our child! We have so much to accomplish before this happens however... We have LOTS of paperwork to fill out, a home study, a nursery to decorate, adoption education classes, LOTS of money to save and so much more! That money part is the part I am the most stuck on... How in the world does a 29 year old (I can still say that for another month and a half) and a 28 year old come up with 25-45,000 dollars???? Guess if there is a will there is a way. We shall see what is to come. Please keep Brent and I in your prayers as we need guidance during this time.

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katieanne said...

so proud of you! check out the blog - it's almost naptime (just google it) - they're going through the process, but she also has a lot of links to other blogs doing it too... she's done lots of creative fundraising as well.
it's exciting! God'll get you through and there!