Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lookie... Lookie :)

I went and checked the mail on Monday and look what we got!
We got our home study packet!!! This is what we have been waiting for for about two weeks now. Now that we have the packet we have to fill it out. Just to give you an idea of what all this entails here is the list that must be completed and sent back in a month.
So as you can see we have our work cut out for us. We have most of the top section read and signed. The middle section takes a bit longer. This section is the question and answer portion of the home study document. This section includes questions like, "what kind of parent are you? What were your parents like? Siblings? Schooling? Work History? Personal Information? Hobbies? What kind of marriage do you have?" and so on. Lots of in-depth things to think about and put into words. At least this time around I know what kind of parent I am. 
The home study is one of the most import pieces in the adoption process. Along with the document we will have interviews with our Adoption Social Worker. Based on these things we will get a yes or a no on whether we can be adoptive parents. Lets hope they say yes! In the mean time I better get to answering those questions. Please remember to keep praying for us, the baby that we will be matched with, our birth mother, and the financial need. Thank you for taking time to read our blog. We hope that this will provide some education about adoption and keep you involved in our adoption process :) 

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