Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And so the waiting begins

Even as a child we are told to be patient and wait. It seems that things never happen fast enough these days. We want things to happen when we want them to happen not in God's timing. I remember thinking when we tried to conceive naturally... "I want to be pregnant now!" When we kept getting negative pregnancy tests I would plead with God... "Please PLEASE Lord I want to be pregnant NOW! WHY is this not working!" Then when we started the adopting process I remember our adoption worker telling us now its time to wait... I remember thinking "Well I know how to do that! This won't be so bad". We all know that Miss Zion happened SO fast. It finally felt like we got it right and God made it happen in just the right amount of time. I still believe that God knew what he was doing by making us infertile. He knew that we needed Abigail and Abigail needed us. 
A lot of waiting is about trust. Now that we have started the adoption process again it is time to wait again. This is the hard part. We are working with a new home state agency this time so we have to trust that they will do what they say they are going to do in a timely manner. We are currently waiting for the home study packet. I went and checked the mail today hoping it would be in the mail... It was not their. I will go again today before I go to work. Keep your fingers crossed... 
As we wait we are continuing to pray for the right situation. What I mean by this is when our adoption profile is being viewed by birth mothers/families that the person/s that chooses us will feel at peace with her/his decision. The hard part for me about adoption is that we gain from someone else's loss. As an adoptive parent already I feel so humbled that we were picked once before.Will it happen again? I hope so. I know that God knows who will pick us and has known this for my whole life. It is kind of strange to think about the fact that this has all been planned out and we just have to do our part. I guess for now I will just wait and see how things go.
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