Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ring ring

I am happy to share that we received a call from Katie at CASI today. She received our application. She told us that she is sending our home study packet out to us. She said that we will have to complete some education and it sounds like they have more options then the last time we went through this process. I wanted to give you an idea of what exactly is in a home study. Below is from a. Site called I thought they explained the process quite well :-)

Adoption Home Studies

"Our Adoption Home Study Steps:
  1. request and complete our home study questionnaire
  2. submit the additional required documents
  3. schedule your home visit with one of our case workers
  4. review the draft of your home study report
  5. follow up phone call with your case worker to finalize your report

An adoption home study is an evaluation written by a licensed agency detailing your family's suitability to become adoptive parent(s). This report is submitted to the Court and is a legal requirement for every adoption. The report must be completed prior to placement of a child in public, private, interstate, and international adoptions. The home study report describes your childhood, education, career, marriage/domestic partnership, experience with children, parenting philosophy, home and neighborhood, finances, health, and the type of adoption situation your are looking for. The information in this report is complied from your completed questionnaire, home interview, and the 
following required documents: birth certificates, marriage license, divorce decree(if  applicable), copy of most recent W-2 forms, child abuse and criminal record clearances, physical exam forms, and 4 letters of recommendation from family and friends. While this all may sound intimidating, the intent of the adoption home study is to support and prepare the adopting family for the adoption process and placement of a child. The home study is confidential, only to be submitted directly to the court or referring agency. It is not shared with the birthparents."
I have been asked a lot how long the process will take. All I can speak to is how long it took last time. The process for the home study took about 3 months for us. We are hopeful to bring home baby hart this year but we will just have to take things one step at a time. 

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