Monday, January 21, 2013

Adoption application... Check!

Good Morning! Today marks the beginning of our new adoption journey. If you have never been through the adoption process you may not quite understand what all it takes to get to baby. The very first step is deciding on an agency. For this adoption we have decided to work with the same agency in Texas, Alternatives in Motion. 

However, we have to have a supervising home state agency. We decided to work with CASI here in Idaho. The first step is filling out the application. This is not a difficult process at all and we have completed it and we are sending it in today. This is very exciting for us as it marks the beginning of this new journey to baby Hart! We have been praying for a long time now about when the right time to start this journey. Over the last couple of month we have received RANDOM signs that now is the time!!! Please keep our family in your prayers. Our family is only built through the great and selfless sacrifice of someone else. Please pray for our birth mother/family and for the right situation.

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